Aspiriant Defensive Allocation Fund

Investment Objective

The Aspiriant Defensive Allocation Fund (the “Fund”) seeks to achieve long-term returns with lower risk and lower volatility than the stock market, and with relatively low correlation to stock and bond market indexes.


The Fund is a “fund-of-funds” that seeks to provide an investment return that has lower volatility than traditional asset classes (i.e., public equity and investment grade bonds) by combining several non-traditional or alternative asset class exposures, including investments that focus on a specialized asset class such as long-short strategies. Non-traditional or alternative asset classes have tended over time to have a lower correlation with the broad U.S. stock and bond markets. The Fund allocates its assets among a variety of non-traditional or alternative asset classes so as to capture diversifying returns from these non-traditional or alternative sources. The Fund invests primarily in underlying funds (the “Underlying Funds”) and may, to a limited extent, invest in separately managed accounts, which are private portfolios of securities for individual accounts.

The Fund intends to allocate its assets among a range of investment strategies. At any point in time, the Fund’s exposures may include global equities, global fixed income, market neutral, global macro, managed futures, relative value, long/short equity, long/short debt, merger arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, security arbitrage, managed futures and other non-traditional strategies. In selecting Underlying Funds and asset class exposures, the Adviser will take asset diversification and potential volatility of return into account. The Underlying Funds include, among others, unaffiliated mutual funds, unaffiliated exchange traded funds and unaffiliated limited partnerships, including hedge funds. At any time, investments in hedge funds will not exceed 15% of the Fund’s net assets. The Underlying Funds may invest in derivatives (e.g., futures, forwards, options, swaps or swaptions). A derivative is a contract whose value is based on performance of an underlying financial asset, index, rate, instrument or economic measure.

Please consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus that contains this and other information about the Fund is available by calling 1.877.997.9971 and should be read carefully prior to investing.

An investment in the Fund is subject to risks and you could lose money on your investment in the Fund. There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its investment objective.  The cost of investing in a fund of funds may be higher than other mutual funds as the Fund will bear not only its own direct expenses but also a portion of expenses of the underlying funds.  The Fund performance is tied to the performance of the underlying funds which means that if one or more of the underlying funds fails to meet its objective then the performance of the Fund may be adversely impacted.   

The Fund’s asset allocation percentages are made across a broad range of investment strategies which may expose investors to increased risks.   This may include investing significant portions of assets in certain asset classes and industries within certain economic sectors which may be unfavorably affected by the same economic or market events. 

The Fund may invest in derivatives which can be highly volatile, illiquid, and difficult to value.  The use of derivatives and leverage could accelerate losses to the Fund.  Losses may be substantially greater than the original amount invested. There is also a possibility that derivatives may not perform as intended which can reduce the opportunity for gain or result in losses by offsetting positive returns in other securities the Fund owns.  

The Fund is exposed to the principal risks of the underlying funds in which it invests.   These risks include alternative strategies risk, commodity risk, counterparty risk, credit risk, derivatives risk, floating rate loss risk, foreign securities and currencies risk, liquidity risk, market risk, REIT and real estate risk, short sale risk, and small and mid-cap company risk.  Further information about these and other risks may be found in the prospectus.  

Aspiriant Defensive Allocation Fund is distributed by UMB Distribution Services, LLC

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$1.2 Billion
(as of 4/30/2018)

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10 (as of 3/31/2018)


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