Aspiriant is the leading independent wealth management firm in the United States.

Our firm draws upon deep roots within the wealth management industry. Aspiriant was formed in 2008 when two highly regarded firms, Kochis Fitz (San Francisco, founded in 1991) and Quintile Wealth Management (Los Angeles, founded in 2002), combined to provide a full suite of sophisticated, integrated wealth management services.

Aspiriant is 100% owned by our key employees.

Our ownership structure, unlike many other wealth management firms, ensures Aspiriant’s stability and independence for future generations. As an employee-owned firm, Aspiriant is unmoved by the winds shaking many of the nation’s banks and brokerages.

Aspiriant is committed to providing investment solutions and personal wealth strategies to help our clients achieve their aspirations.

Our firm’s mission is to enhance the quality of our clients’ lives by creating and implementing personal wealth strategies and managing clients’ investment portfolios to meet their own unique, individual goals.